Hoi An – The Town Of Romantic Things

 Another issue that is of concern is that in Hoi An there is a strong integration (population, economy, culture) in the trend of economic development, culture, tourism – service – commerce International on the basis of cultural and natural heritage. This process is posing great problems that Hoi An must face, focusing on infrastructure, social structure, population structure, cultural institution, administration of a capital. urban – rural, which is traditional, historical – cultural, moderate to integrate and develop the trend of tourism – international services. At the same time, the principle of preservation of truth must be optimized. In terms of space management and development here not only within the AQ – World Cultural Heritage but also a whole landscape of water, sea – island, village, village traditional; both urban and rural cultural heritage.

It must also take into account the link between cultural preservation and economic development in the region and region. In addition to addressing the issues mentioned above, the integration – population dynamics (due to the inherent development of capital in Hoi An culture – history), mechanical increase, has changed the population living in the heritage house – the architectural space of the Old Quarter. This factor has a strong impact on Hoi An’s typical intangible cultural values, which are the global prominence of Hoi An (that is, lifestyle, behavior, cuisine, customs … associated in relics / cultural value objects.


The beauty of Hoi An gives us the feeling of finding the source
The beauty of Hoi An gives us the feeling of finding the source
On the other hand, the number of customers increases quickly, increasing, resulting in inadequacies in management of service activities; lack of ability, conditions for tourists; Tourism infrastructure can not keep up with the noise, many negative images, negative impact on tourists, the sustainability of tourism. Even tourists coming to Hoi An Ancient Town only see crowds – again (and also around the Cau Temple area, with the majority of Chinese and Korean visitors). Travelers appreciate the historical – cultural value and magnificent beauty of the buildings, the AQ population. Is there a lack of space, quiet for visitors to feel? Is it the lack of sustainability for cultural tourism?
Along with population fluctuations, tourism development pressure, urbanization is the inadequacy of general planning (urban-rural development, transportation, infrastructure facilities …); Regulations, regulations on management of architecture, construction, social activities, culture …; specialized planning on culture, tourism and sports; preserve the Heritage … do not keep up with the pace of development … Many issues of culture – society, security, social order – safety and population are pressing, need to There are solutions to overcome in time … Particularly in the AQ, there are 6 regulations / regulations (management, conservation, use, relics, production, business order, advertising activities. travel activities, passenger transport activities, coordinated management), but all the time is not legal guarantee?

Even the laws, decrees of the state, the government when applied to Hoi An also many inadequacies. Hoi An is a heritage of people living and owning. Cultural festivals, cultural and tourism events, cultural diplomacy and culture-tourism promotion in Hoi An have achieved remarkable achievements, but mainly It is still invested by the state budget, socialization is not high; lack of initiative, lack of professionalism … Meanwhile, the "organic" relationship between the tourism industry and the preservation of cultural heritage is not necessarily a coherent. In particular there is no agreement between tour guides and heritage guides, with researchers, heritage management. The gap between the income of researchers, management and preservation of cultural heritage with the ticket sales staff, guided visiting heritage for tourists is too far.

Certainly the index of revenue, income and number of visitors to Hoi An – The Town Of Romantic Things is not necessarily a sustainable development index. The shortcomings are: lack of human resources, lack of infrastructure, conditions for tourists and planning directions, investment capital, management regulations, mechanisms and policies. sanitation … the anxiety – also of cultural heritage; Sustainable development of tourism is always a matter of concern. Because there are legacy – famous tourist destination each foot but then gradually – away guests?
Looking back on years of cultural heritage tourism – 2017, there are many things to be happy with the development indicators, but also many concerns about sustainability. It is necessary that the culture and tourism sector should have a comprehensive and comprehensive research and evaluation program, and on the basis of which solutions / measures are timely and appropriate for the preservation of cultural heritage. The objective of tourism development is really effective and sustainable. And also due to the specific factors and the above situation, it is time for Hoi An "urgent need to have an appropriate management mechanism to operate, specific for conservation and sustainable development."

This, more than 400 years ago, the Nguyen Lords (starting from 1602 by Lord Tien – Nguyen Hoang) did, ie put Faifo – Hoi An under the management, economic development with the policies and policies " special mechanism ", meaning as a" special economic zone ". Even then, Hoi An continued to enjoy some privileges during the Nguyen Dynasty and the French colonial period.

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Sometimes, I feel my legs do not belong to me, that they were hewed from a horse and chiseled unto my torso as I slept on a cold night

Sometimes, I feel my legs do not belong to me, that they were hewed from a horse and chiseled unto my torso as I slept on a cold night.
Much bigger, stronger and muscular than the torso they spring from, I am left to wonder if all my strength had been poured into the twin pair of muscles. The legs are as powerful as a mule’s.
When we were small, I remember my play mates fleeing for their lives at the kick of my legs. They kicked so strongly, breaking through any weight. Bind me every other place, but you can’t hold my legs captive. They’d tear through anything and send a 50kg weight of a scumbag that tries holding it down flying through the window.
I would stand unclad before a full wall mirror and would trace my thighs holding a great size of twin protruding butts and pronounced hips that I don’t understand what the hell they’re doing on my body.
With the right wears and maybe a waist trainer, I could easily transform into a well strutted hour glass; with such small mid torso, large broad shoulders and legs that spirals into a curve from the hips.
Sometimes, I think I would have done better a village wrestler or a mid fielder in a football field, sending my tacklers scurrying away at the sweep of my legs and ripping goal nets into shreds with powerful shots.
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I had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn’t gone back in time

I had to pinch myself to make sure I hadn’t gone back in time. Why are they STILL trying to tell us that lowering the tax rate on corporations will encourage innovation and create jobs? That hasn’t happened for 30 years. We had the most innovation, the most jobs, when corporate tax rates were at their highest but breaks were given for actually doing things that created more jobs.
For three decades taxes on corporations and the wealthy have steadily declined. Over the same period, wages have stagnated, benefits have dwindled, labor unions have been broken and jobs have left the country.
No matter how they try to spin it, Trickle Down Economics doesn’t work.
Also, comparing tax rates to the rest of the world is a scam. We also must include worker wages, CEO wages relative to worker wages, and benefits as part of the process.
Of course, the writer is from a Conservative college that is "selective": meaning it draws mostly white, conservative, wealthy students.
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On the day Walmart raises

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Tonight Roxy McDaniel and myself will be debuting our world music duo in Sandpoint at the Cedar Street Bistro from 6-8. Please stop by for a glass and great food. 
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Vietnam Beach Holidays

 Cu Lao Cham is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cu Lao Cham and is the only ecological area that was put into operation since early 1999, with an area of ​​34,800m2. After many years of operation, Bai Cham Cham has been upgraded and invested in many new services such as restaurants, fresh water bath, dosing, hammock, The increasing number of tourists, therefore the number of visitors to Bai Chong tourism is increasing. There is a lot of rocks stacked on each other very beautiful, sea water is very green, many visitors have selected Bai is a destination to rest and bathe this place.
Currently in Bai Chong has 2 large restaurants, 3 bathrooms – sanitation, many houses, tents, hammocks … meet the needs for about 200 guests. Total investment capital for construction of infrastructure over 10 years reached nearly 2 billion, of which the tourist support of the province is over 800 million.
Mr. Vo Phung, Director of Hoi An Center for Culture and Information said: "The investment is carefully calculated by the unit in the context of limited funding. Particularly, before the problem of preserving the natural landscape, conservation of natural resources, biodiversity … but still ensure the conveniences for visitors. The investment roadmap for construction is also quite good. "


Bai Cu is the most beautiful beach in the Cu Lao Cham Beaches
Bai Cu is the most beautiful beach in the Cu Lao Cham Beaches
Cu Lao Cham is home to more than 200 coconut trees that are planted along the beach to create a friendly and shade for visitors. The quality of service to tourists has been improved.
The work of ensuring communication, rescue, food hygiene, preventive medicine … always have a tight, active, secure in all aspects for visitors. Visitors to the beach also can rest comfortably with folding chairs or hammocks. vietnambeachholiday.net/ Bai Chong is also famous for the most beautiful coast of Cu Lao Cham with clean beach, water in the same fine sand.
Talking about making toilet is also a advantage point of investment for the needs of tourists when visiting and resting at the beach. Due to the construction foundation is full stone so the tunneling costs quite high, more construction materials transported to Cu Lao Cham high cost so the other beaches have more than a dozen restaurants Only one toilet is used, which leads to inadequate capacity for tourists.
At present, the largest water source on the island in Bai Bale with capacity of 80,000 cubic meters has dried up. On the island there are four drill holes in the Ong field for tourism is not enough. The authorities have sought to drill more positions but have yet to make out and have not had the funds.
At the same time, there are 3 toilets at the beach, with a hand washing system on the outside, which is very convenient to meet the needs of visitors.
At the beach, Cham has the largest restaurant in Cu Lao Cham with a rich menu of seafood such as abalone, herring, shrimps, squid, fish freshly processed and wild. There are also some wild vegetables here

For all you police apologists, this is for you

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever." George Orwell
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These are the same type of people saying

These are the same type of people saying we all need to be armed because society breaks down in these situation. No we need more birth control and a vetting system for parents. The only reason I would need to be armed is because of people like these. They are entitled. They are immature. They are a danger to us all. Factory Direct Filters is a trusted online source for top quality air filters from reputable brands. Check factory direct filters coupons
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